Contemporary Bespoke

Closeup of tailor fitting bespoke suit to model, hands with tape measure and pin cushion fixing jacket on male model

Garments are Hand Cut, only natural fibres are used within the construction. Floating Chest pieces are carefully built in taking into consideration the weight of the cloth. All inner workings are attached in with cotton and silks only. This method of construction uses only the highest quality of inner fabrics and trimmings. The work on these garments is very intense handwork.
The end result is a garment that will mould itself on to your figure, be very subtle but will have a supporting shape and look immaculate.

The Process

Garments are individually cut as per your style wishes. A Fitting is provided where complete and necessary changes are noted. When fitting has been done the garment is stripped down to its original construction pieces, re-cut, and if necessary, brought forward to a second fitting stage and refitted then completed.
Everything done on the Garments is monitored by the tailor at every stage.

Timing / Pricing

10 – 12 week delivery, time for a garment with 1 fitting. If secondary fittings are offered and required, please add approx 4-6 weeks to completion.
Prices for a 2 Piece Suit Range from £1995 (using Cloth Super 12o’s Australian Merino Wool )
Prices vary and are dependent on cloth choice, ask for specific details and prices when enquiring/having a consultation.
** When having 2nd fitting and during the months of June, July and August add 5 weeks to delivery time.
** Please note when garments are finally delivered any further tweaking then this will be carried out

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