Modern Bespoke

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Garments are again Hand Cut using in part Natural and Synthetic Fibres in the construction. Chest Pieces are attached so are floating and fixed, more work is done by modern techniques. Great Care is taken in the construction and again uses high-quality inner fabrics. A lot of individual handwork is done along with modern sewing techniques. Everything done on the garments is monitored by the tailor at every stage.

The Process

Garments are individually cut as per your styling wishes. A fitting is provided, after the fitting your garment is stripped down to the original pieces re-cut and then constructed.

Timing / Pricing

10-12 week delivery time, this choice includes 1 fitting.
Price for a 2 Piece Suit range from £1350 using Cloth Super 120’s Australian Merino Wool.

Prices vary and are dependent on cloth choice, ask for specific details regarding cloths.

**During the months of June, July and August add 5 weeks to delivery time.
**Please note when garments are finally delivered any further tweeking then this will be carried out

Super 120’s?

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