Military Bespoke Tailoring

Since 1980 I have been tailoring for the British Military Mess Dress, Service Dress, No1 Dress and other items like Specific Regimental Tunics.

When it comes to getting a Mess Dress or any other Uniform I really would recommend being fitted up professionally as measuring for these uniforms is not straightforward and when the Uniform is made you don’t really want to start having to get it altered.

Granted calling a Tailor out will cost you a bit more money but you won’t have a badly fitting Uniform needing alterations when it comes to fitting you I offer professionalism.

I measure you up according to where you are in your Military Career ie if you are a J/NCO you need a bit of room to grow into.

Prototype, Queens Royal Lancers Senior NCO Mess Dress

I was the Original Tailor involved in liaising with the Kings Royal Hussars in designing and then making this New Uniform for the Warrant Officers and Sgt’s Mess. In 2018, the Uniform was made from the finest fabrics available all measured personally by me and no one out of 75 came to me with alterations.

Likewise, I liaised with the 9/12/Royal Lancers Warrant Officers and Cpl’s Mess in making the new designed Queens Royal Lancers Mess Dress as they amalgamated 2017/2018 again 165 Customers and with only one alteration and that happened, because the guy lost weight.

In my career, I have measured and fitted literally thousands of clients. I pride myself on getting the measuring right there is nothing worse than having a badly fitting uniform.

If you cannot get sized up then if you wish to take advantage of a face to face measure consultation just send me a message and request this facility. I will contact you and we can make an appointment / consultation.

REME Commissioning Uniforms

As with all my clients, I run extra miles to get things right. Neil, Ian and I fixed up with them visiting in Germany while Carl and I fitted up in Aldershot in the UK.

I bring my service to the client. All these guys did was to contact me to order the goods I with my Personal Visiting Service did the rest.

My pricing comes within the middle I am not the most expensive and I don’t do cheap as if it is then your more than likely being supplied alternative and cut-price quality cloths what I guarantee is first Class Material measured professionally and fitting perfectly.

I offer an instalment interest-free paying scheme and credit card payment facility ask for details. I can make Mess Dress for Many Many Regiments from J/NCO, S/NCO, Officers.

Please contact me for further information details of Regiments and a personal price quotation.

Complete Scottish Outfits available with accessories. Bespoke Hand Made Kilts and Tailored Jackets for the evening and for daywear.

For further details and prices please kindly contact.

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    We are considering our clients safety!

    Please note as we carry out our Visiting Service we take great care in keeping distance and wear protective clothing and measure you with as much minimal facial and physical contact as possible.

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