Made to measure

Made to Measure

Garments are constructed to a set design plan, your individual choice of cloths and lining colours are included but this service does not provide fittings.

Don’t worry we spend a long time discussing the style you require, we assess your figure, ask lots of questions and we note how you stand, your pose is noted, length, the balance of your present suit, look at how you stand and if you bring along a favourite suit we’ll try to identically copy it. When we’ve done all the assessing then we take all the measurements.

Once your garment is ready, we fit it on to you. Minor fitting changes will be made free of charge. Any major changes could incur charges, but we will discuss this in person with you.

Delivery is expected to be 7-9 weeks.
Price for a 2 Piece Self styled Suit ranges from £989 using Cloth Super 120’s Australian Merino Wool.

Prices vary and are dependent on cloth choice, ask for specific details regarding cloths.

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    We are considering our clients safety!

    Please note as we carry out our Visiting Service we take great care in keeping distance and wear protective clothing and measure you with as much minimal facial and physical contact as possible.

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