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Choose your own style and experience our handmade tailoring in the traditional way.
British Bespoke Visiting Tailor Learn more Tailoring done in the traditional ways by hand. Your garment is personally cut and fittings are provided guarenteeing you with the perfect fit, style and finish.
You our client will be our perfect picture we the tailors strive for perfection we are the artists and our clients are the canvas so become a van Gogh.
Book me online Learn more Buying Online is the nowadays norm and I wouldn’t recommend trying to self measure and buy a Bespoke Suit Online.


My solution: I’ll bring my service to you!
Hows that for online convenience.
Contact and we can discuss your requirements.
Book my service to bring bespoke to you at your Office or Home.

What we offer our Clients

These are our Services

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Garments are Hand Cut and Tailored in the Traditional Bespoke ways.

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Garments are professionally hand-cut and tailored In more Modern, Unique & Technological ways.

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Made to Measure

Made to Measure

Garments are personally cut for each customer and carefully constructed using modern technology.

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Bespoke Shirts

Bespoke Shirts

All of our shirts are individually cut offering a large variety of styles.

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How it works

The Choices Are Yours Entirely

You choose a cloth that you like and that goes with your complextion.

We tailors don’t just make garments but we are good stylists and can see that your personal cloth choice is really going to be a good choice that drapes and compliments you.

We go through the style, choose a lining colour/design and button choice then I guide you through the over 35 different style choices you can make at this moment in time.

Everything is meticulously noted, then I measure you up and make a mental picture of what I’m going to do for you and write my secret notes (Figuration) and take note of any other particular wishes you may have.

That’s it.

We make a start on your personal masterpiece 4-6 weeks later we will meet and do the fitting then if necessary a second fitting another 5 weeks ,then finish 4-6 weeks.


You choose – we create!


Mouseover for details, click to enlarge


Mouseover for details, click to enlarge


Here are variations of what we can supply you


Here are variations of what we can supply you

Our Advantages

Why we are the best choice for you and your own style

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Freedom of Choice

When you choose Bespoke then you have complete control of what you become:

The Cloth
The Lining
The Style
The Wished Cut
The Dimensions
The Minor Details

“You choose – We Create!”


Fitting / Checking

Bespoke offers you a fitting. We generally always provide this! It gives you the ultimate fit. Lots of Tailors will not give you this choice so when your suit arrives then great if it fits perfectly and if not then in some instances altering to fit can be achievable and sometimes not!

Always Choose Pure Bespoke.

Blk strip suit gigar

An extraordinary result

All the hard work, the discussions and adjustments, but the picture we want at this stage is pleasure. We did our job well!

Confidence, Comfort and Impression. Yes Impression.

Bespoke needs no words ”it expresses itself”.

About Us

Here at James Burke Bespoke, we understand that you have a hectic schedule and that shopping for clothes during your ‘down time’ is not exactly high on your list of priorities, that’s why we take the hassle out of shopping and come to you, at a time of your choosing and in a location of your choice.

Whether you want to see us at your home or office, we will travel to your preferred location at a time that suits your busy schedule. For more detailed info see Visiting page.

A unique service providing you with a perfectly fitting bespoke tailored suit as good as any suit from a Savile Row tailor and at a fraction of Savile Row prices. You do not even have to leave your office or home!

British and Italian cloths are some of the finest cloths in the world. Tailoring is an art steeped in tradition and quality. Our job is to fit you, advise you, and make you look the smartest that you possibly can be.

Our tailoring knowledge is extensive and we offer a direct, efficient, honest, quality service and will guide you through all aspects of style and shades of fabric to match / suit you as a customer.

Our Tailors

James Burke Master Tailor

James Burke

Master Tailor

James Burke was born in Huddersfield, son of a renowned Yorkshire cloth merchant Donald Burke. He acquired his tailoring skills at a young age from a professional bespoke tailor based in Yorkshire. And for the past 37 years, James has lived in Celle, Germany offering his tailoring services to members of the British Forces and to clients in the City of London in the form of his Visiting Service.

Alan Burke Tailor

Alan Burke


Alan did an apprenticeship with Tailors  in Yorkshire and has worked alongside me measuring and fitting British Army Officers for the past 3 Years, he presently works with me and concentrates on my younger clientele but presently only in Germany.

Additional services

You can also get these services upon request







Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher


Ready made Clothing









Why should I choose bespoke my figure is normal?

Bespoke is measured, made and fitted specifically to you and although we all look generally the same we aren’t bespoke fits you proportionally and exactly where the garment should sit on your body it, this in turn gives you a perfect comfortable fit, so unless you find a suit maker whose pattern perfectly fits you you will never know the difference between your chosen off the peg fit as opposed to Bespoke.

Is it really necessary to have choice options, I like what I presently buy?

It sounds like you are very happy with what you have but is that garment perfect in every way do you like the lining colour, are the pockets in the exact right place proportionate to your height, is the vent at rear of jacket long enough, short enough is the sleeve length showing my cuff enough?not enough?are the lapels on the jacket a width I like and on and on,With bespoke you determine all points so you should consider if it really is neccessary or not?

Bespoke is really expensive. Why?

Granted bespoke is far more expensive than buying off the peg but you have to consider the garment is made for you, fitted to you with all your personal choices.What you are getting is a personal creation not a manufactured no choice creation and for the hours we spend making you a garment this just doesn’t allow for cheap your garment is created and made by lots of personal hand work.

I can buy a bespoke suit online?

No, this is and will never be possible, as bespoke implies, you have to meet with the tailor.

I need a Suit quick bespoke takes too long!

Granted having a suit made takes time but having bespoke is like taking time off to go sailing, flying a plane, playing sport, sitting and listening to your favourite Band or Orchestra or sitting in your favourite Restaurant eating your favourite meal, bespoke just like your favourite pastimes is an experience to be savoured, life is chaotic enough so take time to relax look at having bespoke as a form of relaxation.

I just don't have the time to visit the Tailor.

I appreciate and understand our lives can be overwhelmed with our jobs, families, and things that we have to do on a daily basis to survive and to keep the clock of our lives ticking that is why I offer a visiting service you book me and give me small amounts of time to do my job for you whilst you are continuing your day to day tasks and I do all the running for you.Visiting Bespoke is a perfect solution to providing you with the perfect individual chosen garment and you didn’t have to take hours out from your work or hobbies or family to achieve this.

I have a more specific question which isn't listed here.

Please submit your question via our contact form here and we will endeavour to get back to you quickly with our answer. Thanks.